Amazon Product Data Entry Services

Amazon, which is one of the most popular online marketplaces makes a great choice for vendors to sell their products and reach out to a larger audience. We at eCommerce product data entry will help you to set up your product catalog and your inventory on Amazon marketplace. So, if you are planning to use the Amazon platform to sell your goods. You have reached the right place for amazon product data entry services at ePD as we carry out this tedious and time-consuming task in highly affordable rates with a high level of accuracy and diligence well within the turn around time.

amazon product data entry services

We will help you get started to sell by setting up product catalogs and listing as per the guidelines laid by Our well-experienced data entry experts will help you to organize your online stores to ensure a smooth shopping experience for your customers.

Outsource Amazon product Data Entry Services to ePD

Adding Products

First thing first! Adding products make the first step in setting up any eCommerce stores. We can help you add the products under the appropriate categories and subcategories and can also carry out bulk upload should you need. We will add all the relevant product details like brand name, tax, price, SKU and more.

Adding Product Images

Attractive and vibrant product images that accurately represent the product will enhance the shopping experience of your customers and thereby increase sales of your stores. We make sure that even low-resolution images are fine tunes and enhanced to make it attractive and lively to grab easy attention of the shoppers. We will make sure that these eye-catching product images show up against the light background and grab a few eyeballs easily. Images get processed faster than text by human brains and that explains why images are important in making any online stores successful.

Product Description

We provide crisp and clear product descriptions that include the main features of the products, compatibility, different sizes, and color choices and more to give a very clear idea about the product that the shoppers might be planning to buy. Apart from making the descriptions interesting and spicy, we also make sure that it is free of typos and errors and is rich in keywords to make it SEO friendly.

Key Product Features

Apart from crisp and concise product summary, which will describe the product in a nutshell, we also add all the key attributes of the products like color, shape, and size of the products to make sure that the shoppers have a clear idea of what they will be getting when they shop for a particular item. This will not just simplify the shopping experience of the customers but will enhance the satisfaction of the customers.

Advantages of Outsourcing Amazon Product Data Entry Services to ePD

When you outsource Amazon product data entry services to ePD, you get the benefits of ecommerce product data entry and support of a well-experienced team backed by the state of the art technology and a superior quality outcome.

Here are some of the advantages that you get from us:

Expertise: We at eCommerce product data entry have a skilled team of data entry experts who will help you to populate your Amazon product platform in the shortest possible time to make your online stores popular and well organized. We use various tools like Turbo Lister, Blackthorne and more for effective bulk upload and mass product listing. We can provide you with the CSV files or can upload the products directly from your remote system as per your requirements.

Cost Effective: outsourcing will help you save a substantial amount of money by way of operational overheads.

Manpower Optimization: While we carry out the Amazon product data entry with a high level of precision, you can employ your in house team on core business operations which will generate revenue instead of having to keep them engaged on these time consuming and tedious non- core tasks.

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