osCommerce Product Data Entry Services

One of the most popular online shop programs in the business world, osCommerce is a versatile database program. However, most businesses find it difficult to maintain online product catalogs due to the huge effort and time factor involved in it. Outsourcing osCommerce product data entry services will be an effective option to manage product entries. And regulate osCommerce categories, items, and product attributes to effectively run your stores.

osCommerce product data entry services

Outsource osCommerce Product Data Entry Services to ePD

E-commerce product data entry (EPD) will help you to keep your osCommerce based storefront updated with the latest information and product catalogs. We have a team of well-experienced data entry operators who can handle the vast quantities of data that eCommerce product data entry requires. As your outsourcing partner we will handle a range of activities including the following:

Creating and Managing Categories

We at ePD can add new categories to your osCommerce site with all relevant attributes like category name, product specifications, SKU, category image and sort order number to ensure a proper display of your categories. Our data entry operators can also add products to the existing categories as per the specific requirements of the client. Proper categorization of products will make it easy for the shoppers to spot the item they are looking for quite easily.

Adding New Products

Another advantage of outsourcing is that we help you to add new items into your osCommerce catalog with all the essential details like product name, model, description and price among others. An up to date catalog is the trump card of any online site as the shoppers will be interested to check out what is new in the inventory and if they don’t find any, chances are that they may move to another store online. Our experienced data entry team will make sure that all the new products in the inventory are reflected in our oscommerce site immediately to ensure maximum sales and the latest items for your customers.

Customizing Products Attributes

To offer your online shoppers a user-centered shopping experience, we can customize the attributes of your items. Our expert osCommerce data entry specialists create a master option’s list comprising, for instance, size, color, model, version, or any other option that you might need to define your items and assign values to those options.

Managing Product Categories

Systematic product categorization will go a long way in driving up sales. To ensure a hassle-free shopping experience you have to sort and organize products in the appropriate categories and when you have an experienced data entry team by your side you are assured of the best results.

Product Descriptions

We will make sure to make the product descriptions not only user-friendly but also search engine friendly by adding meta title and descriptions with adequate keyword density to make sure that the page rank of your online site gets enhanced, which in turn will increase the visibility of your site.

osCommerce Product Reviews

Customer reviews add up to the reliability of any website. Most customers choose shopping sites by going through customer reviews. We can help you manage the customer reviews and item ratings by adding positive comments.

Promoting Special Deals

By outsourcing your oscommerce data entry services to us, you will get the services of experts in creating oscommerce special prices and seasonal deals for your store visitors to promote your business and to engage your customers more with your brand.

Enhance Product Images

Lively and attractive product images will draw the attention of the customers, drive the shopping crowd to your site and tempt them to make a purchase. We use state of the art photo editing tools to infuse specks of liveliness and dramatic beauty to your product images. To ensure a real-life shopping experience for the customers. As they say, an attract image can replace a thousand words. So, make sure you have the best product images that represent your stock.

osCommerce Product Data Entry Services will ensure a superior quality output at the quickest possible time at the best rates in the industry.

Advantages of Outsourcing osCommerce Product Data Entry Services to ePD

By outsourcing osCommerce Product Data Entry Services to us, you get a host of advantages, some of which are listed below.

Cost Reduction: Outsourcing will help you to cut down the operational costs of maintaining an in-house team in keeping your store updated and in proper shape. Outsourcing will help you to reduce a substantial amount of operational costs by way of manpower and technology that may be needed to perform these tasks.

Highly Trained Team: eCommerce product data entry ( EPD) has a team of well-experienced data entry experts who will take care of a gamut of tasks including sorting products and adding product information and updating product images and product catalog data entry among others.

Quick Turnaround Time: We will ensure premium quality results at the shortest possible time.

Accuracy: We will ensure the highest accuracy levels and comprehensive results by collating product data from diverse sources. We offer a complete end-to-end osCommerce catalog management solution. And we can provide you the product details in various formats including CSV, Excel, hardcopy or as a secure FTP download.

Make sure that your osCommerce site is the best and the most trending by making it informative and up to date.

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