eBay Listing Services

eBay is a popular and one of the most visited virtual marketplaces. eBay offers a wide cache of products and incredible diversity that attract millions of shoppers every day. eCommerce entrepreneurs all over the world list their products on eBay to enhance their bottomline customers and profits.Outsource your eBay listing services requirements to us. Our skilled and professional ecommerce support executives are always ready to help you.

eBay listing services

Though this versatile shopping platform is simple and user friendly, often setting up the ebay product listing can be tricky and a bit overwhelming for eCommerce marketers who may not have the expertise or retailers to handle this task. That is where outsourcing eBay listing services come to the bigger picture. We at eCommerce product data entry have a team of well experienced product data entry operators who can handle bulk upload of products of all types in a precise and time bound manner.

Outsource eBay Listing Services to ePD

We carry out all the tasks that come under eBay Product Upload Services including inventory management, product descriptions, product upload, categorization and much more.

Adding Products

Our experts will regularly update details like product price, product availability etc. Apart from adding the most popular and profitable products into your catalog we will help you to figure out the most attractive and feasible prices for the products that will surely bring in a lot of shoppers into your online shop. Apart from adding the product descriptions, we will also add other attributes like weight, price, tax, SKU, weight, discounts and other vital parameters. Wherever feasible, we will use software like Vendio, or Turbo Lister to carry out bulk upload. We are competent enough to collect product data from various offline and online sources to make the most comprehensive product information, which will make your product catalogue stand out.

Product Categorization

Adding the products in the right category and the most appropriate subcategory is the most important factor that makes ecommerce sites popular. We will make sure that the shoppers enjoy a hassle free shopping experience at your stores as they can easily find the product that they are looking for and reach the checkout point in just a few clicks.

Adding Product Images

As they say, a good image can replace a thousand words and we at ePD will make sure that your product catalogs have lively and attractive products images that will enhance the shopping experience and fun. We can enhance, crop and fine tune even blurred and poorly focused images to turn your catalogue into a feast for the eyes of the shoppers. Customers often rely on images while shopping online as they cannot see and feel the product as they can when they shop in retail stores. Our photo editors will use all the latest photo editing tools to make the images concise and crisp.

Adding Product Descriptions

When you outsource eBay listing services to us, you don’t have to copy the generic and bland product descriptions provided in the manufacturer’s websites. Our writers will craft crisp and interesting product descriptions that will tempt the shoppers to buy. The best part is that we will also make sure that the descriptions have the right keywords to make it search engine friendly.

Advantage of Outsourcing eBay Listing Services to ePD

When you outsource eBay product listing services to ePD, you get the best of both the worlds of the state of the art technology and the support of a well experienced team.

Some of the benefits of outsourcing eBay listing services to us include:

Top Quality Output: Our team will ensure a meticulous data entry data with a high accuracy rates even when we have to handle bulk upload.

Best Turn Around Time: We deliver eBay data entry services in the industry best turnaround time.

Cost Effective: Outsourcing ebay listing will help you a pretty dime by way of operational overheads.

If you are planning to use eBay as your shopping platform, we can help you with the whole gamut of eBay product data entry services. To know more, contact us.

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