Inventory Management Services

Inventory management servicesInventory management is the art of keeping the right stocks at the right time and striking a fine balance between supply and sales. It requires constant monitoring, excellent coordination and critical thinking and that is where outsourcing inventory management services to the experts brings value. We at ePD use a multi pronged strategy of inventory management that is suitable for today’s highly competitive global market.

We have a commendable track record of inventory management for businesses of all types from around the world. By utilizing our experienced manpower coupled with the latest software tools, we come up with the most practical and effective inventory management solutions to you.

Outsource Inventory Management Services to ePD

Our inventory management services include cycle stock, safety stock, pipeline and pre-build inventory that will make the supply chain more efficient and profitable. We use an array of inventory management techniques to respond to the sudden market rapid fluctuations without making a climb-down on service quality or time.

We have all the facilities to help clients eliminate the cost of upfront inventory investment and minimize the risk of your inventory getting outdated by offering appropriate purchase, rental and lease programs.

Planning a Right Inventory

Setting up the right inventory at the right time is the success formula of all businesses. Our experts will work in tandem with you to enhance cash flow by streamlining credit management. Our management programs will help you to turn the liability of excess inventory to an asset. Our inventory management programs are easy to change and you can add more items to the inventory or take off slow moving items at any time.

Cost Control

Our inventory management services will help you control the costs of your indirect materials by stopping the risk of the explosive inventory growth and putting it back on rails using targeted burn-off and disposition. Once the inventory reaches a sustainable level, we will optimize it to ensure a smooth supply without the risk of stock-out. Our highly skilled management experts and procurement managers will help you to make maximum cost savings.

Streamlining Transportation

We will arrange for immediate pickup at your facility and safe storage of goods. We will ship products to your customers on the specified dates. You can track the movement of goods and shipment history through an online inventor.


We will pursue aggressive marketing of your commodity products and ensure quick shipping and safe packing and storage of goods. On site audits will ensure absolute clarity and documentation of inventory management.

Advantage of Outsourcing Inventory Management to ePD

Inventory management is a complex and multi pronged mechanism that requires a lot of effort and time. By outsourcing this critical task to us, you can save your time and manpower for your core business operations while we deal with this complex task with expertise.

Inventory Reduction: We make sure to slice down the redundant items in your inventory to make it manageable.

Database Creation: The inventory will be maintained and continuously monitored by listing it out in a data base to ensure improvement and changes wherever necessary.

Simplified Process: We will streamline everything right from vendors to equipment deployment to reduce the involvement of house equipments.

Our inventory management services will make sure that you have the requisite stock in hand when you need it. We help maintain the correct amount of inventory on your shelve and by regular order replenishment. If you are looking for top quality inventory management services you have come to the right place at ePD.

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