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Order processing servicesSetting up a nice looking online stores and an interesting product inventory that will make people buy will only make half your job done. To make the customers truly happy you need to ensure seamless services including order processing services. Even the slightest errors in processing the orders of your customers can turn them off. Businesses make leads after a lot of effort and to make sure that these hard earned leads are turned into loyal customers, you have to make sure that you offer the highest quality of services. Customers indeed are kings because it is when they purchase items your online stores get revenue. We at Ecommerce product data entry can help you to carry out the order processing at a high rate of precision.

We have a well experienced team of order processing professionals who will authenticate all aspects of the order to prevent any errors and to ensure a satisfactory shopping experience for the shoppers. We take care of all aspects of order processing right from payment processing, shipping orders tracking and return order processing among others.

Outsource Order Processing Services to ePD

Order processing services involves various tasks, which makes sure that the customers get what they ordered in the right quantity, item and price. Some of the services that we at ePD carry out include the following:

Order Filling

Be it individual or bulk orders, our team will help you to fill in all the details in the order form such as customer details, item, quantity, shipping method and back order among others. Order filling requires a lot of accuracy as a slight error can lead to the orders being billed to the wrong person or with the wrong invoice value. We help you to ensure prompt order filling even when you have to process multiple orders at the same time.

Procurement Management

To ensure quick procurement, we help you to manage the purchase orders with the suppliers and will place back orders, shipping orders, track deliverables and ensure the delivery of your items at the right destination.

Payment Processing

The payment transaction details of your customers will be accurately processed by our certified workforce to prevent delays and errors. We carry out all the essential tasks like credit card authorization, credit history and price verifications to make sure that the payment processing is accurate.


Our team will help you to cross verify all the shipping details like carrier, dispatch details, shipping information, consignee address and mode of transportation among others to make sure a prompt delivery of items to your customers.

Return Order Management

Often retailers get a few return orders due to various factors like product damage, shipment delays or wrong item delivery among others. We will help you process return orders quickly to ensure customer satisfaction.

Order Tracking

We at ecommerce product data entry will help your customers to track their orders and will also notify delays, expected date of delivery and order postponement among others.

Inventory Management

Outsourcing will help you to ensure timely replenishment of goods to prevent both stock out and overstock and control the inventory effectively. We will monitor the product status regularly and inform you about the availability status.

Advantage of Outsourcing Order Processing Services to ePD

Expertise: By outsourcing you can avail the services of an experienced team of data entry team who is well experienced in ecommerce order processing in various market places like Shopify, Amazon, Magento and Yahoo stores among many others.

Cost Saving: Outsourcing will help you to reduce over 60% of operational overheads as our team will handle all the inventory management tasks while your internal resources can be made use of in tackling the core business operations.

Data Security: You are rest assured of absolute data security and confidentiality of all the customer information and ensure a safe and effective outsourcing experience.

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